Business Execution Services Group
Division of CW Business Support Associates, LLC
"Business Execution in
a Risk Environment"
Coordinated Planning, Process and Technology for Successful Execution
Our Service

The objective of our service is to assist
your company in being able to handle
change.  Identify the obstacles to
success.  Identify the changes that need
to be made.
In general, fix the problem rather than the blame.  We are not looking to bring in 10’s
or 100’s of people.  Just one.  When we leave,
the objective is for your organization
to be successful in managing its own change.
 We are looking at roles and
processes that are
compatible with your organization.  If your people are working
hard to be successful, then they should be successful

We are not looking to bring in cookbook solutions.  This is not the latest fad that we
want to introduce.  This is identifying what
your organization needs; how your
needs it; and help you implement it.

  • Integrated Coordination & Implementation
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Business & Production Process
  • Successful Technology Implementation
  • Risk Management
  • Management Development
  • Interim COO
  • Interim CIO

Organizational Development
  • Help you improve your management structure and communication
  • Assist you in developing your people into more effective managers
  • Instituting organizational controls that assist your company in performing
  • Help you convert your values and priorities into a meaningful operation