About Us
Our Mission

Assist companies in managing change within their
compatible with their successful
culture and the environment in which they work.
The Logo/ Methodology

The Logo represents your business inside the Risk Environment.  The circles
represents the
Business Puzzle that is always being solved.

The core of the puzzle is the results you want to accomplish and must always
be the focus of any endeavors.  This is surrounded by the support
infrastructure of Strategy, Management, Business Processes and Technology.  
Pulling these items together helps defines the expectations placed on
Production, Sales, Finance and HR.

Now place this in an environment of Risk, where change is the rule.  Pressure
on your business is even more significant.  
How do we manage to keep the
Business Puzzle together in this Risk Environment?

Finally, we want to ensure continuity of your business as well as a means to
getting to your results.

Your company has many aspects. Our job is to help you with
Execution in a Risk Environment”
Business Execution Services Group
Division of CW Business Support Associates, LLC
"Business Execution in
a Risk Environment"
Coordinated Planning, Process and Technology for Successful Execution
"Business Execution in
a Risk Environment"