About the Principal
The Principal

Chuck Walsh
has spent his career coordinating change.  He
recognizes that it is the
integration of all of the pieces that makes the
process successful. He has alternated his career among technology,
process, control and planning positions and, therefore, appreciates
each of the activities, their complexities and issues.  

Mr. Walsh has held management positions in strategic planning,
systems development, product management (product/ service
implementations), operations management, program/ project
management, and as a Big 5 Consulting manager.  Senior Management
positions included VP Strategic Planning and Technology Division

Mr. Walsh has been responsible for managing 100’s of successful
product/ service developments and changes as well as 10’s of
successful project developments and implementations.  Included in
some of his achievements:
Business Execution Services Group
Division of CW Business Support Associates, LLC
"Business Execution in
a Risk Environment"
Coordinated Planning, Process and Technology for Successful Execution
  • Coordinating across operations, IT, marketing and the sales force; introduced over
    150 product changes and introductions in a year, resulting in continued competitive
    products, improved cost effective operations, improved quality of service and
    additional multi-million dollar income, while maintaining quality day-to-day operations.

  • Developed an Integrated Quality (IQ) Development process emphasizing the
    integration of business process and application development.  Focuses on business
    feedback early in the development process.

  • Planned and directed a multi-project, multi-million dollar Information Technology
    Modernization effort that improved customer service and reduced annual expenses
    by $1 million per year while adding another $3 million in capabilities.  Noted by the
    technical press for the preparation of users for implementation.

  • Developed a Customer Profitability Model and System that resulted in multi-million
    dollar additional income across thousands of customers as well as developing a
    series of profitability drivers for monitoring progress.

  • Managed two major reorganizations without customer impact.

  • Managed an operational area in the top 5% of its peers

  • Reorganized a failing multi-million dollar development effort. The system is now part
    of the core billing operation of the company.

  • Realigned a project that caused an early delivery and an additional $1 million income.

Mr. Walsh has a MAS/MBA with concentrations in finance and operations, a MA in Physics
and a BES in Engineering Physics (dual major in Computer Science and Physics), all from the
Johns Hopkins University.