Our Mission
Assist companies in managing change within their
compatible with their successful
culture and the environment in which they work
Business Execution Services Group
Division of CW Business Support Associates, LLC
"Business Execution in
a Risk Environment"
Coordinated Planning, Process and Technology for Successful Execution
In your organization, do you see:
  • Resistance to change?
  • People are concerned about not knowing what is happening?
  • Everyone is told, but not everyone is ready?
  • Complaints of being out of the loop?
  • Dollars being spent, results not occurring?
  • Issues popping up faster than they can be resolved?

What Are You Really Seeing?
Every company works in an increasingly complex and risky environment.  At
the same time,
most organizations are optimized to minimize operational costs
while maintaining quality.  They are
not generally organized for handling
ongoing change
.  As a result, intra-company coordination becomes a major
obstacle to change and innovation.  

From inception, through development and transition, to successful completion,
you need to develop and
maintain coordination, communication and
.  When organizations are not set up for the cross-involvement,
mechanisms need to be put in place.  This also involves
new roles for people
who will be sensitive to the various roles of the other participants

The Business Execution Support Group provides incremental management
support where it is needed, compatible with your organizational needs.
because Chuck Walsh, the principal, is an Executive Associate accredited by
the Institute for Independent Business, he can draw from over 3,000 Accredited
Executive Associates worldwide with Senior Executive experience, providing
the broadest base of knowledge and support if the need arises.

Where to Start?
Call Chuck Walsh at 410.203.1093 or email him at info@BusExecution.com.  We
can set up a time to get together and discuss your objectives and what you
need. We can help you with your
"Business Execution in a Risk Environment"